People Services Officer (2 year FTC)

People Services Officer (2 year FTC)


up to c. £29,000 pa



Job Description

The historical Church in Wales is an organisation which is on a path of boundless transformation; an organisation whose key focus is being an integral part of community life throughout Wales and supporting all people with the challenges of today. Events of the past 12 months or more have driven our pace of commitment to remain central to our communities. We have an unwavering determination to continuously improve, to modernise, to embrace change whilst ensuring the people around us remain at the heart of all that we do.  


As part of the Church’s progression, we are developing a new People Services team. This will be a fundamental part of our organisation with the key focus to make a real difference to not just the staff of the CinW but also in supporting the Church’s work within the wider communities. A team which will promote best policy and practice and to be demonstrable in our commitment to people; a team which is true to the values of openness and honesty; a team who are creative, passionate and show unshakable respect and sincerity to win the hearts and minds of all; a team who seek to truly make a difference through taking a collaborative journey as we work hard to achieve the very best.



Purpose of the Role:


As part of the new team, the People Services Officer will be responsible for establishing a full framework of all required policies and processes in relation to People Services. Policies and processes which are pragmatic, clear and understood thereby giving managers and Clergy/office holders knowledge and confidence in dealing with a full range of people matters. An instrumental part of this role is to provide guidance & support in using these people methods in the establishment of trusted and effective people relationships as well as developing open and respected engagement throughout the Church as a whole. This role will provide a comprehensive, proactive and efficient first line People Services partnership offering generalist, operational policy and procedural advice, guidance and support to the staff and management of the Church in Wales. The role will foster constructive working relationships in support of the achievement of departmental and wide organisational objectives. Reporting to the Director of People Services you will also liaise with the two People Services Partners and the wider People Services team as a whole.


General Duties and Responsibilities:


  • To be responsible for the design, development and implementation of all People Services policy, procedure, process and workflows which provide for an effective and professional employment relationship;
  • To be the subject matter expert in relation to people policy and practice, ensuring the Church in Wales is kept up to date and responds promptly to changes in employment legislation and practice;
  • Provide sound advice and legislative guidance regarding the application of people policy, process and procedures.
  • Identify and respond to areas of risk as identified within your role thereby ensure risk is effectively managed and reduced;
  • Identify, design and implement relevant learning and communication solutions to support the implementation of policy, process and procedure through its people;
  • Support the development of a positive organisational culture, advising, coaching and supporting managers in the development of soundly performing and engaged teams and individuals through implementation of effective People Services policy, process and procedures.
  • As part of the People Services Team, identify, analyse and present analytics (key performance indicators) for your operational area as part of a wider KPI report. To support the visibility of the People Services team and promote continuous improvement;
  • Be a valued member of the People Services team working closely with colleagues to deliver the teams’ objectives; to be a key contributor at team meetings;
  • To take ownership for your continued learning and development to ensure you maintain compliant and up to date with employment legislative change, implementation, case management, policy and procedure.
  • To undertake any other reasonable duty or task as requested in line with the job role and within your capabilities.


Specific Duties and Responsibilities


  • To ensure specific and relevant learning and communications are provided and accessible to all
  • To develop a learning framework to support key skills such as dyslexia and other learning challenges
  • To ensure consistency of approach and delivery throughout the whole of the CinW
  • To promote ownership and accountability for staff management to all line managers
  • With the support of an external provider, to create a Leadership & Management Framework for the CinW with the focus being on managing people effectively


Successful Applicant

Key expectations:


The Church in Wales is an organisation that actively values diversity and implements equality of opportunity. All staff are required to adhere to behavioural standards that ensure that all employees can carry out their duties in an environment that promotes dignity, fairness and respect and is free from unlawful discrimination.


  • Promote equality, diversity and inclusion, ensuring that this commitment is reflected in all of our practice and play a key role in ensuring equality of opportunity and a working atmosphere where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. The Church in Wales is an organisation that actively values diversity and implements equality of opportunity. All staff are required to adhere to behavioural standards as detailed within the Respect Charter that ensures that all employees can carry out their duties in an environment that promotes dignity, fairness and respect and is free from unlawful discrimination.


  • Comply with the Church in Wales Data Protection Policy and ensure all sensitive data is always effectively protected.


  • To demonstrate the expected behaviours and promote the key values of the People Services team within your day-to-day work and your relationships and interactions with all people.


Key Values and Behaviours:


  • To be respectful to all others
  • To be honest and trustworthy; maintaining strict confidence and credibility for yourself and the team
  • To work collaboratively within the team and throughout the Church in Wales
  • To have empathy for others particularly when supporting people through challenging situations
  • To be skilled and knowledgeable in all that you do and all that you accomplish
  • To be intuitive and creative in striving for continuous improvement for the People Services team as a whole
  • To be the very best you can be and to really enjoy what you do
  • To continuously learn and to have fun whilst doing so!