Free Breakfast Seminar: Conflict Competence

Free Breakfast Seminar: Conflict Competence

Jurys Inn, Park Place

Tuesday January 28th 2020


Event Description

Conflict competence: introducing a new approach


In this first event of 2020, Insight HRC and Human Resourcing are delighted to invite you to this special event where we will be exploring the ongoing challenges of conflict in organisations.

83% of professionals are facing conflict. 65% of performance issues are caused by unsolved conflict issues. 24% of managers time is spent unproductively on conflict.

This session will focus on our emotional responses during conflict and developing the Emotional Agility to respond more effectively. We will explore the “hot buttons” that drive our emotional responses as well as techniques for being conscious about how we think and act in conflict situations.


We will introduce you to our new Conflict Dynamics Profile and one-day workshop that provides greater insight into this important area.


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