Permanent HR Manager

Permanent HR Manager


up to £55,000 pa



Job Description

Based on-site in Bridgend, the HR Manager will have a genuine passion for people and will be an integral part of the Management Team at Bridgend (manufacturing – 300 staff) and Bolton (sales, marketing, customer service, finance – 33 staff).


Working closely with the manufacturing Plant Manager and leading a small HR team, the HRM will be energised and engaging and will competently maintain and enhance the organisation’s human resources by planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and human resources policies, programs, and practices that support the achievement of the organisational goals.  Equally coordinating the implementation of people-related services whilst assisting and advising managers on all people-related matters. 


Operating collaboratively with a wider European team of HR colleagues, the HRM will build strong relationships with Trade Unions and share HR ideas whilst integrating exciting new projects and leadership programmes across the group.



  • To implement an effective HR plan that is aligned to the business plan; that supports the vision and needs of the business; adds value and ensures the right culture is embedded at all levels of the organisation.   
  • To help create an environment which allows individuals to contribute to their full potential, thereby adding real value to the organisation.
  • To ensure full compliance with employment legislation.


Human Resources Team Compliance & Effectiveness

  1. Ensure all policies, procedures and practices are legislatively compliant, fit for purpose and wherever possible supports the achievement of company objectives.
  • Measured by: a reduction in employee grievances, and absence levels, and limited external claims, and compliance with the Working Time Directive.
  1. Effectively manage the union relationship to achieve a stable and productive climate of employee relations and to proactively support changes to collective agreements and work practices which increase the flexibility and competitiveness of the business.
  • Measured by: Management led union involvement (as opposed to union led), Employees engaging directly with their Managers rather than through the union. Ability to effect change to existing site agreements and ways of working and the promotion of a proactive IR/ER culture through regular meetings of the Works Council.  
  1. Develop capability of existing HR team to ensure an effective and efficient service is provided in respect of all HR, training and payroll activities.
  • Measured by: feedback from customers, reduced lead-times in responding to service requests, accuracy of time management data and other administration responsibilities, effective recruitment, induction and training programmes.
  1. Ensure the function provides a timely, effective and professional HR service to all employees across both sites and to the wider key stakeholders within the business.
  • Measured by: Accuracy of Data provided, 100% compliance with HR management reporting deadlines, accessibility to the ‘shop floor’.
  1. Undertake a review of all current HR policies across both sites, identifying any gaps. Ensure that all policies are reviewed where relevant and introduce and maintain an up-to-date Line Managers and Company Handbooks.
  • Measured by: ensuring all relevant policies are in place, and that all relevant policies, information and details are included in the handbook. The policies are to be rolled out to all managers, and Handbook is to be issued to all existing and new employees.
  1. To design, update and communicate process flows of all relevant HR processes.
  • Measured by: ensuring that all managers and employees have visibility and understanding of all HR processes.

Coach and Mentor

  1. Coach members of the Management Team in best practice approach to people management, in line with both legislation and the company’s Guiding Principles
  2. Support managers in an effective performance management process, to ensure that all cases of under-performance are promptly identified and managed.


Member of the Leadership Team across both sites


  1. Provide a value-added HR service to the business.
  • Measured by: Reduced time spent on activities that are not value-added, efficiency gains and monetary savings. Achievement of the agreed headcount and identification of other headcount reduction opportunities.
  1. Within the Leadership Team’s decision-making process, ensure that compliance with internal standards and external legislation is maintained at all times.
  • Measured by zero lost claims, minimal grievances and non-intervention of external third parties. 

3. To facilitate and support HR activities maintaining compliance with the HR Strategy and to ensure that both sites remain compliant at all times.

  • Measured by: creating long-term value by striving for excellence in all areas of HR compliance and continuous improvement.
  1. Employee Lifecycle
  1. Talent Mapping and Succession Planning – to work with the business leaders to ensure that all key roles are identified, and plans implemented for immediate and long term succession.
  1. Implementation of a recruitment policy and process that enables the business to attract, recruit and retain A players.
  1. Working with the relevant managers to implement thorough induction plans. Provide guidance to the relevant managers in respect of developing new starters, conducting routine assessments, providing training and support to enable the employees to develop and pass their probation period to ensure that all newly engaged employees are able to settle into the business and are retained.
  1. Performance management – To drive the annual review of all RRE’s to ensure they are aligned to the needs of the business and team, and that each employee is managed against their RRE.
  1. Effective exit interview process is implemented.
  • Projects
  1. Project lead for the implementation of HRM Oracle & transfer of time and attendance system
  2. Ongoing Integration with Central Group

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