What do employees really want from their job?

Despite the uncertainty in the economic climate, recent figures show that the number of jobs is on the rise.[1] Combine this with the fact there is a growing skills gap, it means that it’s a candidate’s market, with more opportunities and more competition for top talent.   According to The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), … Read more

How to stay healthy in a desk job

Lots of jobs in the HR industry involve working at a desk and using a computer for long periods of time, five days a week.   People who spend most of their day sitting have a greater risk of facing health problems including obesity, back problems, eye and sight complaints and headaches. A scary thought. … Read more

The changing landscape of HR

The HR industry is thriving, with a projected industry growth of 3.6% in 2018/19[1] but in an everchanging market place, there are various issues and challenges facing HR teams.   We take a closer look at 3 key challenges and how your HR departments can tackle them in order to meet the demands of your … Read more