How to stay healthy in a desk job

Lots of jobs in the HR industry involve working at a desk and using a computer for long periods of time, five days a week.   People who spend most of their day sitting have a greater risk of facing health problems including obesity, back problems, eye and sight complaints and headaches. A scary thought. … Read more

The changing landscape of HR

The HR industry is thriving, with a projected industry growth of 3.6% in 2018/19[1] but in an everchanging market place, there are various issues and challenges facing HR teams.   We take a closer look at 3 key challenges and how your HR departments can tackle them in order to meet the demands of your … Read more

The Importance of an Effective Onboarding Process

Starting a new job involves a range of emotions; from excitement to apprehension, over thinking of the dress code and fear of fitting in.   Most new employees will feel nervous on their first day and as an employer, its your job to show them they made the right decision in joining the business, to … Read more