Starting a New Job Remotely

Typically, your first day at a new job would come with a mix of nerves and excitement.


Meeting your manager, getting to know colleagues, navigating the office and being onboarded are all normal parts of starting a new job, but with so many businesses now operating remotely, lots of people are having to start new jobs from their homes.


This can seem like a scary prospect.


Who do you turn to for help? How will you build connections? When will you meet your manager?


With much uncertainty around when businesses will return to working from offices as normal, starting a new job remotely could be the new norm for the foreseeable future.


Here are our tips on how to make the best of it.


  1. Get into a Routine

    Starting a new role normally comes with a new routine which can be hard to replicate if you find yourself working from home for the next few weeks and months. However, there are some simple things you can do to help yourself settle in faster. Try to get up at the same time you would if you were working from the office and if possible, set up a comfortable workspace in your home that you can base yourself for the time being. Having a dedicated work environment will help you focus more easily and also allow to switch off at the end of the day by closing it off.
  1. Dress for Success

    Studies show that dressing for success gives you more confidence and puts you in the right mind frame for the job at hand. So, even though it might seem crazy dressing up smartly to work from your own home, it will really give you a boost. It will also demonstrate to your new manager that you are professional and keen to make a good impression. Once you assess how your team mates are dressing it may be that you can relax a bit but make sure you find the right balance. Staying in your pyjamas all day risks sending signals to your brain that you want a day of rest when really you need to be hitting targets and absorbing as much information as possible to do your job well.
  1. Be Openminded

    Most businesses have a standard on-boarding process for new employees which will now look very different. HR teams will have been making rapid adjustments since remote working began to ensure that employees still have an effective onboarding and training experience, but the reality is it may not be the experience you’d hoped for. Recognising that businesses are facing these challenges and being open minded to their solutions will set you in the right mind frame to get the most from it.
  1. Ask for a Mentor

    If you aren’t assigned a mentor, it is definitely worth requesting it because having someone on hand to answer your queries will enable you to get to grips with things as well as starting to build relationships with people. They can introduce you to the wider team, explain the group dynamics and act as a support if you’re struggling to understand anything. Having someone that you’ve already bonded with will also make the transition easier when you do start working from the office.
  1. Get involved with the Team

    Regular communication with your team is important for lots of reasons but it can feel unnatural trying to connect with people virtually. Be sure to join any team meetings both formal and informal so you can begin to get to know people and understand their roles. Many businesses are using video calls for virtual coffee mornings, post-work drinks on a Friday and team quizzes so getting involved with or even suggesting these ideas will help to break the ice.

These are strange times for everyone so try and remind yourself that this situation is temporary. Do the best you can to become part of the team and learn about your role but allow yourself time to feel settled. You were hired for a reason so trust in that and in no time at all, things will get back to normal.


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